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It is all about creating a working environment of unparalleled beauty, comfort and elegance. 

Floor Plan

Model- Benitoite

12'x10' 120 sq.ft. 

Right or left setup

Backyard Gem home-office

Postless Corner Window

Choose a window on the back-right or on the back-left corner.


 2×6 wall framing.

Insulated Zip wall panels System with an integrated vapor barrier.


Insulated framed floor and roof. 

Natural high-performance insulation from 100% wool


If you lead a healthy lifestyle, why work in an environment stuffed with unhealthy building materials? 


Natural High-Performance Wool Insulation

Why is natural wool insulation superior to every other insulation product currently on the market?

There are few places like the New Zealand countryside where sheep dominate the landscape. The fiber developed over thousands of years in nature’s R&D department provides an unparalleled solution to an increasing challenge in the built environment.

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Designed for sparkling Results


Bi-part sliding doors

Milgard aluminium patio doors offer contemporary, clean, narrow sightlines along with strength and durability.

  • 11'x8'

  • Thermally improved to reduce the flow of heat and improve insulating ability. 

  • Key lock.

  • Screen.

  • lifetime warranty!


A corner window makes the most of panoramic views, creating a design focal point from both interior and exterior perspectives. This striking feature window maximizes views and captures light from multiple directions with a clean aesthetic and minimal visual disruption.


The triangular picture window adds a unique touch to the design. Combined with the front glazing, it's embodies all the benefits of an open corner.


The beauty of wood

​Beautiful stunning Real Wood Cladding with decades of rot resistance by Thermory.

Benchmark Ash cladding, combines the timeless sophistication of real wood with exceptional durability.

Drift, gives your home office the stunning look of reclaimed wood without the unknowns. 

Kodiak Spruce cladding, adds the rugged texture of the wilderness.

Ignite cladding, mimics the beautiful, traditional look of shou sugi ban with the added benefits of thermal modification. 


Modification Process:

Thermory’s process modifies each board completely, all the way through to the core, leading to unequalled durability and stability without sacrificing the natural qualities of real wood.

metal roof nice.jpg


  • Full-length 2×6 roof rafter system

  • 100% wool insulation

  • ¾” Plywood Decking

  • Performance-rated structural standing seam 24-gauge Metal Roof Panel. Comes in several energy-efficient colors to meet just about any need or look. It blends seamlessly with the home-office exterior wood cladding. Long-lasting, durable and sustainable.

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For all seasons and in between

Cool, Heat & Dehumidify- With no outdoor unit! 

​​HPAC 2.0® is a highly advanced, ultra-compact, monoblock heat pump, with state-of-the-art air conditioning. What makes HPAC 2.0 unique is that unlike traditional PTAC’s that require large exterior grilles which mar the facade and leak air, HPAC 2.0 requires only two small holes that are tightly sealed to the unit. HPAC 2.0’s state-of-the-art cooling system is utilized all over Europe in residential and office buildings, fine hotels, and even The World Famous Colosseum in Rome.


​Foundation options

Contact us today for a quote!


  • Roof Solar panels

  • Concrete slab on grade.

  • Exterior deck floor.

  • Decorative interior walls

  • Smart key-less locking system.

Benitoite Basic

  • Concrete piers 

  • Structural pre-framed insulated panels (2x6 floor, 2x4 walls, 2x6 roof)

  • Durable metal roof.

  • Natural wood cladding as your choice. 

  • Bamboo flooring

  • Contemporary narrow stile bi-part sliding door, with locking.

  • Geometric picture windows

  • Corner window (fixed+operational).

  • Wall-mounted air conditioning without the external unit. 

  • Exterior, interior lighting fixtures.

  • Electric, phone & internet connection outlets.

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