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As professionals, some of us were used to working from home;

others are exploring a new way of accomplishing goals.

Remote working has become part of our present. 

Backyard Gem offers an innovative approach to creating in-home working spaces. 


Backyard Home-Office

Our backyard home office "Benitoite" has been carefully designed to create a comfortable working environment for professionals working from home. This stand-alone, one of a kind 120 square feet studio, is a true upgrade for your home working experience.


An absolute Gem!

Inspired by a contemporary style and Scandinavian aesthetic, by how the 20th-century blends comfortable warmth with clean-lined minimalism. Uniting in a way that is functional, sophisticated, and timeless.

We named it "Benitoite" as a tribute to the official California Gemstone.

Young woman working at home office and s

Current Times

The remote working concept has risen over the past decade.

Professionals today can do their job part-time or full-time outside the traditional office building, utilizing modern technology.


This trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The hybrid working model imposes Result-Oriented culture management. 

It is, therefore, beneficial for employers, entrepreneurs, self-employed or those who will now be asked to work from home more regularly, to look for ways to integrate remote working into their systems, identifying the best way to benefit from working and hiring remotely.

How does it work?

You can choose from the different finishes options and customize your home office for your taste. Basic package or upgraded, it is your call...   

The whole unit is being prefabricated offsite and will be shipped to your backyard as a ready-to-assemble kit or as a complete unit- already built, just plug and play!

Check out the Design page to see what is included.

Some of its features...

Quick and easy installation.

All-natural building materials.

Climate control.

Contemporary narrow stile bi-part sliding door, with locking.

Beautiful geometric picture windows & operational corner window.

Ready to be connected to electricity, phone & internet.


No permits required!

"Benitoite" our Backyard Gem Home office is defined as “Detached Accessory Structure”, or shed, by the California Residential Code.

In most cases, structures up to 120 sq.ft. do not require a building permit, as long as they comply with the planning setbacks. 

An electrical permit only, if needed, can usually be obtained over the counter at your local authority. we're here for you, willing to assist you in anything you need!

And, if there are any limitations in your city that require adjustments, no problem, we can do it!


Since you're probably going to use it for your business purposes it might be deducted in your tax federal and/or state return (California).

Whether you are a w-2 employee, self employee- (schedule C business) or a company, Tax deduction for a home-office apply differently to various businesses forms and therefore, have different implications for tax benefits. Also, whether you prefer the home office structure to be installed in your backyard as permanent or portable makes a difference. You are welcome to contact us and get more information.

We believe this is something you should know, but we highly recommend you talk to your tax consultant. He will guide you through!

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